Microsoft Frontpage Extensions

You can Add and Remove Frontpage Extensions in cPanel or request that we do this.

If you are having problems with the Frontpage Extensions try removing and re-adding.

Microsoft does not recommend you use any FTP program when FrontPage extensions are installed.

However, you can use FTP to a certain extent:

You can download/upload log files, scripts, zip files, and change permission on scripts with problems. There is a possibility that FrontPage extensions can be corrupted if you upload/download HTML files with FTP..

Do NOT edit or FTP the ".htaccess" files, any "*_vti" directories or any other FrontPage extensions. It will corrupt your extensions.

FrontPage was created for developing websites in the Windows environment, so the following features are not available on our servers:

  • ODBC and MS SQL Database connections (Access, FoxPro)

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